2020 Cohort Admission Results

The following are colleges that one of our Scholars will be attending in the fall:
Babson College, Boston University, Bowdion College, CSULB, Carnegie Mellon University, College of Charleston, Emory University, Franklin W. Olin School of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Hamilton College, Howard University, Quinnipiac University, SUNY Maritime College, UCLA, UCSB, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, University of Mississippi, Washington and Lee University, Williams College, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

When Carmen realized that her peers were struggling during the college application process, she immediately shared what she learned at the Thrive Scholars Summer Academy through her Academic Decathlon. She hosted workshops on developing a strong personal statement, accessing financial aid, and advancing their professional development, and even managed to put together a college fair for her peers to learn about no loan and low loan colleges. Carmen will be the first one in her family to attend college.

Betshaida’s love for STEM goes beyond teaching herself Java, C++, and HTML. To share her interest, she became the Captain of the FRC Robotics Club where she has more than doubled the number of active members, built a new website, and found local sponsors through her own advocacy to continue STEM exposure in the community.

Daniel is the Varsity Captain of his school’s Congressional Debate team. He is passionate about creating opportunities in his community, and started a summer camp for local students in his unincorporated community to bring educational opportunities to elementary school children and advocated for the right to access the local library and other resources.

Recognizing the inequities for students of color in the education system, Mel organized a one-day conference for their peers to share ideas, articulate their needs, and develop an action plan with adult allies to create more equitable school systems. Moving forward, the conference will happen every year. Mel’s goal is to not just make an impact at home in South Saint Paul, MN, but also across the country’s educational school systems.

Myles from Norfolk, VA, is the Captain of the African American History Bowl, where he prides himself on cultivating a space where students can find inspiration in their history and he is motivated to create a body of informed students at his school. He was recently awarded the Harry F. Byrd Leadership Award for his outstanding involvement in and outside of his high school.

Timi is a committee member of the Hollywood Education Advisory which discusses education issues in the city of Hollywood, Florida. When the superintendent wanted to rezone schools in the districts, Timi recognized that doing so would limit diversity in the city, particularly in disadvantaged low income communities. He took it upon himself to submit a proposal to overturn and stop it from happening. He cares deeply for his community and is the first black Valedictorian of South Broward High School’s graduation class, record setting GPA.