I knew as a Black male coming from a low-income, single parent household, there were many adjustments I would have to make. Thrive Scholars ensured I was academically prepared. That meant instead of focusing on mere survival in college, I could focus on embracing those opportunities I needed to flourish.


If I don’t graduate and get the right degree I will have the passion but not the hard skills and tools I need to help me get where I want to get to. And Thrive Scholars has given me the support I need to make sure I know I can do it. They are another family – it helps to know that there are people, besides my immediate family, that are behind me who want me to do well.

Michael Quick

There are many programs claiming to do similar work, and what you need to know is that this one is unique. It is the only one I know of that looks beyond college graduation. The Summer Academy is the only program I know of around the country that immerses students in over 200 hours of calculus and writing instruction. And it has worked — over 70% of their students graduate with STEM degrees. I know of no other similar program with that data. Based on their success, their model, their willingness to let data guide the way, and their leadership, I can unequivocally say that they have the people and program to change the world.

Kari Van Gundy

Through our decade-long corporate sponsorship, our leaders are mentors to talented, diverse and brilliant young individuals who thrive as they develop skills, confidence and access to opportunities. Our partnership has strengthened our organization and added talented diversity with future leadership potential to our team.