Dennis, GWU Class of 2020

The great Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Today, I’d like to share the experiences I’ve had in my first year at George Washington University thanks to the help and support of Thrive Scholars.

This year, I began the process to found a chapter of a Fraternity called Phi Delta Theta, established a campus Leadership Honors Society as the Founding President, and worked at the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute under Louis Caldera. I also involved myself in student government, and took advantage of the D.C. location to visit dozens of embassies, participate in several marches and attend the Presidential inauguration. I loved my classes, and I was able to end the academic year strong with a high GPA. Although it was definitely a shock to leave my family on the other side of the country, being surrounded by genuine and kind people made the transition much easier.

I felt like I could try new things and that I had people to lean on when I failed because of Thrive Scholars; they gave me the incentive to challenge myself, and the reassurance that if things didn’t work out, the Thrive Scholars network was there to support me. This summer, I plan on interning at Liner Law Firm in order to better understand what it means to be a lawyer, a step towards bettering my understanding of public policy and eventually becoming a public servant. Thank you Thrive Scholars for helping me reach this point of my life, and I can’t wait for what’s in store for the future!