Mentor a Scholar

Our national Mentorship program connects Thrive Scholars with experienced and passionate volunteers who will expose them to career opportunities, help them develop strategies for college success, and support their growth.

The Ideal Mentor

Our mentors come from all over the country. They have diverse professions, career stages, and personal backgrounds. But they share these skills and perspectives:

  • Ability to establish a relationship based on respect, caring, and accountability
  • Sensitivity to intersections of identity, including educational, economic, cultural and racial backgrounds, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Sincere desire to connect with another person to help them achieve personal, educational, and career goals
  • Strong listening skills, practical problem-solving skills, and the ability to suggest options and alternatives

Our Mentorship Program

Can be largely or completely virtual

Is adaptable to mentors’ schedules

Often results in long-lasting relationships between mentor and Scholar.

Choose Your Path

Mentors work with Scholars through one of two tracks, both of which receive ongoing support from Thrive staff:

Strive Mentorship

Are you excited about connecting with a student and supporting them in navigating the college experience? In our Strive Mentorship, mentors support Scholars in building strong foundations. Pairs commit to communicating monthly for a year, building a connection and tackling topics like time management, dealing with stress, finding a campus community, and the first-gen student experience.

Launch Mentorship

Do you enjoy sharing professional opportunities with people and helping them clarify their career interests? Through our Launch Mentorship, mentors guide Scholars in exploring future possibilities. Mentoring cycles are time-bound and goal-oriented, typically lasting 6 to 12 weeks and ranging in focus from an industry deep-dive to navigating your first intern experience and more.

Steps to Becoming a Mentor

Our mentorship program often builds amazing, unique relationships. Mentoring pairs from any track who wish to continue past their original commitment are welcome to do so, and all relationships receive ongoing support from Thrive staff.

To learn more about becoming a mentor, contact: Bethany Queior, Senior Director of Programs. 617-410-4909   |   |

Mentor and Mentee Testimonials

Mentorship is the ultimate gift to my Los Angeles community. I really enjoy its boomerang effect: I learn as much as my mentees about career and personal development, industry trends, and I actually feel that I receive as I give!I have been fortunate enough to be paired with ambitious, hard-working young black women eager to get out there and make their way. As a black woman and a seasoned business owner, I see myself in them: it feels like Back to the Future. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure my SCS Noonan Scholars Scholar mentee an optimal college experience. I want to help them obtain enough information to choose their career path and excel in it, peace of mind to work through challenges and obstacles, openness to explore friendships and intimate relationships. I feel I have succeeded when they graduate with confidence that they will thrive wherever they land.
Zelda, Thrive Scholars Mentor

“During my time as an undergraduate student, I often found myself lost. I always asked myself (and still do) “am I doing this correctly?” “will I fail?” As a first-generation, Afro-Dominican woman in a predominately white institution, it was hard not to question myself or feel alone in this journey. Having the support of a program like Thrive Scholars has guided me towards academic and professional achievement and success. For me, the mentorship component of this program really helped me build important and transformative connections. For the past four years my mentor has heard mecry, laugh, and has been present during the high and low points of my life. My mentor has supported me through thick and thin, in a way that I never thought imaginable. She constantly checks in on me and tries her hardest to keep me connected, focused, and on track. She believes in me and in my merit. As my mentor, she makes sure that I am taking care of myself and keeping up with my self-care strategies while pushing me to challenge narratives and constructions that are meant to limit my success. Having a mentorship component to SCS Noonan Scholars Scholar program, allows for there to be a personalized relationship that can foster growth in the participating student. My mentor and Thrive Scholars, has helped shape the trajectory of my undergraduate experience, and I cannot be any more appreciative for their ongoing support.”
Amanda, Scholar