Nominate a Future Scholar

For our program, the best-fit students are those who, with the addition of Summer Academy, will be highly competitive candidates for the most selective colleges and universities with no-loan or low-loan financial aid policies. Additionally, students who succeed in the Thrive Scholars program are those who are deeply invested in their future and are willing to work hard and put in the effort now to set themselves up for success in college and beyond.

Strong candidates for Thrive Scholars will meet the following criteria:

Be graduating high school the Spring of 2021

Coursework and Grades (Most important factor)

  • An unweighted GPA target of 3.7+ (out of 4.0).
  • Typically, student who are accepted into our program rank within the top 5 students (not %) in their class.
  • Students should be taking 5+ core academic courses (i.e. courses in the following areas: math, natural sciences, social sciences, foreign language, English) each year, selecting rigorous courses, and ideally be taking pre-calculus or a more advanced math class by their junior year.
  • Students with a GPA slightly below our target may still be eligible if they demonstrate an upward grade trajectory, rigorous coursework, and very strong writing. 

Test Scores

  • 10th grade PSAT of 1050+
  • 11th grade PSAT of 1140+
  • SAT of 1140+
  • ACT of 25+


  • Demonstrate strong grammar and organization
  • Clear and effective communication
  • Depth and nuance in their writing 


  • A household income of under $75,000*

If you have any questions about specific eligibility criteria, feel free to reach out to Dr. Roland S. Davis, Chief Program Officer, at

*We do take into consideration extenuating family circumstances when reviewing higher-income applicants, such as size of household, a parent with variable income, or a significant change in income or employment from one year to the next. However, it is exceedingly rare that a student with a family income above $100,000 will be eligible for the program.

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