Our Impact

Making A Difference for Talented Students of Color

Our comprehensive, data-informed model provides high-achieving, low-income students of color with the opportunity they need to thrive — in college and career. And it works.

Our Scholars go to better colleges. Earn better grades. And enjoy better careers. Those aren’t just brags. They’re proven outcomes.

Our Scholars Go to Top Colleges

These are the most common colleges our newest class will be attending:

“We greatly value our association with Thrive Scholars – a highly effective organization. They have been particularly successful in encouraging top students to apply to Harvard and its peer institutions.  The fact that you have been so successful in helping to develop the talents of students from modest income backgrounds and then assisting them during college and beyond is a testament to the leadership role you can play if you can expand your outreach.”
—William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard University

Our Scholars Thrive at Top Colleges

It all comes back to preparation and opportunity. Our Scholars earn better grades in college, including in STEM, pre-Med, and writing intensive majors — because we prepare them.

Our Summer Academy scholars are 50% more likely to earn an A in college calculus than non-participants (who are 60% more likely to get a D or F).

Better Graduation RatesBetter GradesBetter Persistence
98% graduate — compared to less than 50% for similar students.Over 85% have a B average or better — compared to less than 50% for similar students.65% persist in difficult STEM majors — 3X better than the national average for low-income students of color and 15% better than their more privileged peers.

Our Scholars not only outperform students with similar backgrounds, they’re significantly outperforming their more privileged peers at the same Top 100 Colleges.  They are 10% more likely to graduate and 15% more likely to persist in STEM.

“The Thrive Scholars community is significant to me because it is a network of hardworking and determined students who have aspirations similar to mine. All of the Scholars are focused on achieving their advanced academic goals — not simply getting by. To be a Thrive Scholar is to develop the confidence to maximize the resources provided to accomplish difficult academic goals and achievements.”
—Rifat, Stanford University

Our Scholars Thrive in Meaningful Careers

They earn advanced degrees at elite universities… Engineering at Stanford … Molecular Biology at Harvard … Advanced Mathematics at Rice … English at Berkeley … Global Medicine at USC.

They are in med school, law school, and business school at:

They are engineers, attorneys, investment bankers, doctors, consultants, and professors at: