The Radden Scholarship

In March 2018, Thrive Scholars lost an advisor, a mentor, a cherished cheerleader, and a dear friend.  Mr. Dave Radden, a retired executive-search professional and entrepreneur, was a respected contributor to the Board of Directors and an important voice behind every senior position hired within the organization. His fervent belief that doing good work required the right people, a solid plan, and accountability motivated important organizational decisions. The board and the senior leadership grew to appreciate Dave’s honesty and direct communication style and found that they were better positioned because of it.

But more importantly was the impact he had on our Scholars. Lily Lee, his mentee of over five years, relied on Dave the way she would have relied on a parent had they gone to college. She counted on him for sage career advice, together they negotiated her first salary, and as a team, he coached her through difficult decisions. Last summer, Lily and Dave came together to the Summer Academy to talk to new Scholars about mentorship from each of their perspectives. Dave sat proudly listening to Lily share that she was initially skeptical of his white hair and the fact that he was retired.  What could he know about me?” she said. Despite their differences, they learned and inspired each other.

In honor of Dave and his commitment to Thrive Scholars, a legacy scholarship is being created in his name. The Radden Scholarship will be given to an exceptional student who has boldly voiced an opinion when it mattered, as Dave did throughout his tenure with our organization. Please consider donating to this meaningful scholarship in Dave’s memory.
Special thank you to Jeff Weiss, James and Patricia London, and Pat Marfisi in starting this fund.

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