Scholar Application FAQs

  • Who is eligible to apply?
    The application is open to high school juniors only. All high school juniors are eligible to apply. If you are not yet a junior, sign up here to be reminded about our application when you become a junior! 
  • How do I resume the application I started?
    Once you start your application, you are able to save and continue it later. You will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to resume your application at a later date. If you cannot locate this email, please request a new one using this form. 
  • What types of financial documents can I submit with my application?
    The application will allow you to upload the type of documentation that fits your family’s financial circumstances. This typically includes one or more of the following: tax returns and/or tax forms; pay stubs; or Social Security benefit information. For any financial or employment situation that is not covered by these documents, you should plan to upload a letter of explanation. 
  • Through which track should I apply?
    Our core Thrive Scholars program is a great fit if your academic or career focus is in a field other than STEM or Law, or if you have not yet decided. The core program components include:

    • Intensive Pre-College Summer Academy 
    • Expert College Advising 
    • Social, Emotional & Academic Support 
    • Career Development 
    • Financial Support

Students who are interested in STEM or Law fields are welcome to apply to the STEM or Law Track to receive these same core program supports, tailored to that industry. Applying to either track will not impact the likelihood of admittance to Thrive Scholars.