Intensive Academic Preparation


Opportunity Gap
Access to rigorous high school coursework, preparation, support, or the out-of-school academic opportunities more privileged students enjoy. 

Gap Impact
Average grades below a 3.0, STEM persistence of 20%

Thrive Scholars Solution
Summer Academy. Two summers of six-week, residential academic boot camp. Over 350 hours of college-level instruction targeting math, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Our Impact
Thrive Scholars earn a 3.4 average GPA and 65% persist in difficult STEM majors, outperforming more privileged students at the same elite colleges.

“I knew as a Black male coming from a low-income single parent household in Hyde Park, there were many adjustments I would have to make. Thrive Scholars ensured I was academically prepared. That meant instead of focusing on mere survival in college, I could focus on embracing those opportunities I needed to flourish.”
Ericardo, Harvard Class of 2019, Deloitte