Our Team

Extraordinary Futures

Ensuring our Scholars thrive in college and career takes the dedication and commitment of our entire team. Together, we champion each Scholar’s greatness. Because when they thrive, we all thrive.

Senior Leadership

  • Ana Archibald

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Tal Gilad

    Chief Advancement Officer

  • Steve Stein

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Karen Williams

    Chief Program Officer


  • Kate Berezo

    Mentorship Manager

  • Cynthia Espinoza

    Director of College Success

  • Angie Estevez Prada

    College Access Manager

  • Jordan Fessehaie

    College Success Manager

  • Sarah Hehrer

    Program Coordinator

  • Jasmyn Masters-Culpepper

    Career Coach

  • Kahzah Mims

    Director of Alumni Relations

  • Stephanie Morales-Lopez

    College Access Manager

  • Eduardo Najera

    Career Development Program Manager

  • Dallas Pride

    Senior Director of Career Development

  • Bethany Queior

    Senior Director of Programs

  • Johanna Smith

    Career Coach

  • Dana Taglin

    Program Manager

  • Randy Winston

    Director of Scholar Recruitment


  • Carlin Hsueh

    Director of Corporate Partnerships

  • Kylia Kummer

    Chicago Executive Director

  • Sarah Lassonde

    Senior Director of Institutional and Family Philanthropy

  • Dan Navisky

    East Coast Executive Director

  • Vannessa Rodriguez

    Development and Communications Manager

  • Martha Sanchez

    Los Angeles Executive Director


  • Lena Eaton

    Data Systems Manager

  • Zachary Fruhling

    Director of Instructional Design

  • Nate Marsh

    Director of Business Intelligence

  • Alexandra Strong

    Operations Coordinator

  • Trevor Tierney

    Operations Manager

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