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Extraordinary Futures

Ensuring our Scholars thrive in college and career takes the dedication and commitment of our entire team. Together, we champion each Scholar’s greatness. Because when they thrive, we all thrive.

Senior Leadership

  • Ana Archibald

    President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Ava Archibald

    Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

  • Tyra Montina

    Chief Program Officer

  • Steve Stein

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Elizabeth Beal

    Regional Recruiter, Boston

  • Marc Whittaker Bennett

    Program Director, OnRamp

  • Kate Berezo

    Director of Mentorship

  • Wendy Coleman Blue

    Career & Placement Coach, Engineering and Technology Career Pathway

  • Katherine Burroughs

    College Success Manager

  • Erin Cherewatti

    Career & Placement Coach, Life Sciences Career Pathway

  • Taiomi Cruz

    College Access Manager

  • Antonio Amaro Diaz

    College Success Manager

  • Cynthia Espinoza

    Director of Summer Academy

  • Jordan Fessehaie

    Summer Academy Manager

  • Gail Ford

    Program Director, Thrive Academies

  • Ymani Francis

    College Success Manager

  • Mike Harris

    Career & Placement Coach, Engineering and Technology Career Pathway

  • Tylór Hart

    Senior College Success Manager

  • Ertrell Harris

    College Access Manager

  • Rosanna Inirio

    College Success Manager

  • Katie LaScaleia

    Program Manager, Communications & Events

  • Julie Le

    College Success Manager

  • Tilo Lopez

    College Access Manager

  • Lisa Lovett

    Managing Director, Career Pathways

  • Leslie Lindsey

    Digital Learning Designer

  • Matt Lisle

    Managing Director of Digital Learning

  • Zari Mahoney-Johnson

    College Access Manager

  • Charlie Mangiardi

    Director, Core & Consulting Pathways

  • Leo Martinez

    Scholar Recruitment Manager

  • Valerie Martinez

    Career & Placement Coach, Life Sciences Career Pathway

  • Kahzah Mims

    Managing Director of Alumni Engagement & Mentorship Programs

  • Matt Neal

    Managing Director, Thrive Academies

  • Eduardo Najera

    Program Manager, Career Recruitment & Engagement

  • Lina Palancares

    College Access Manager

  • Erica Privott

    Alumni Career Coach

  • CaVar Reid

    Managing Director of High School & College Programs

  • Breylon A. Smith

    Director of Educational Partnerships, Thrive Academies

  • Preston Spivey

    College Access Manager

  • Dana Taglin

    Senior Program Manager, Partners and Events

  • Carl Tart

    College Success Manager

  • Ari Toles

    Senior Scholar Recruitment Manager

  • Chris Tudico

    Director of College Access

  • Karla Venegas

    Mentorship Engagement Manager

  • Rachana Vyas

    Program Director, Life Sciences Career Pathways

  • Randy Winston

    Director of Outreach


  • Thomas Chang

    Los Angeles Executive Director

  • Diana Cortes

    Senior Development Coordinator

  • Briana Ford

    Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

  • Bethany Goldszer

    Director of Site Growth

  • Angela Gordillo

    Managing Director, Foundation Giving

  • Carlin Hsueh

    Director of STEM Corporate Accounts

  • Kylia Kummer

    Chicago Executive Director

  • Steven Lake

    Cleveland Executive Director

  • Katie Miles

    Director of Corporate Partnerships

  • Danielle Muckley

    Director of Corporate Partnerships, Engineering

  • Dan Navisky

    Boston Executive Director

  • Kara Nelson

    Director of Corporate Partnerships, Life Sciences

  • Hannah Oberholtzer

    Jacksonville Executive Director

  • Marcie Perez

    Managing Director of Communications and Content Strategy

  • Monique Perez

    Managing Director of Corporate Partnerships

  • Thomas Rivera-Patterson

    Executive Director, New York

  • Vannessa Rodriguez

    Senior Communications & Content Manager

  • Martha Sanchez

    Major Gifts Officer

  • Mark Teshirogi

    Grants Administrator


  • Antawn Eagan

    Operations Coordinator

  • Casey Eiseman

    Managing Director of Talent and Operations

  • Sarah Hehrer

    Program Manager, Data & Impact

  • Nate Marsh

    Senior Director of Business Intelligence

  • Betsy Noecker

    Development Operations Manager

  • Dorcas Omojola

    Director of Finance and Administration

  • Mark Osborne

    Managing Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Internal Communications

  • Emily Parrott

    Director of Research and Evaluation

  • Adriana Ryan

    Director of Talent Recruitment

  • Alexandra Strong

    Talent Operations Manager

  • Trevor Tierney

    Director of Talent Operations

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