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Better Colleges. Better Grades. Better Careers. 

Every year, Thrive Scholars go to top colleges for free. They excel in their majors and flourish on their college campuses. And they graduate with exceptional grades — ready to thrive in the careers of their choice. And, it’s worth repeating, the program is FREE to those who qualify.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
Our Scholars Thrive

  • 90%


  • A Top 100 College — compared to less than 50% for similar students. Over 40% go to Ivies

  • 98%


  • More than double the rate for similar students

  • 85%


  • With a B average or higher — compared to less than half of similar students

  • 75%


  • In difficult STEM majors — compared to approximately 20% for similar students

What you get as a Thrive Scholar

Expert College Advising

We help our Scholars find “best fit” selective colleges and showcase their qualifications for admission.

Intensive Pre-College Academic Prep

Over 350 hours of college-level instruction targeting math, writing, and critical thinking skills taught by college professors. Summer Academy is two summers of a six-week, residential academic training.

Social-Emotional Support

Tailored one-on-one support throughout college by professional staff and volunteer mentors.

Financial Support

We advise Scholars toward low-loan and no-loan colleges. And give $1000 yearly bridge stipends to help meet costs not covered by financial aid. 85% of Scholars receive full financial aid.

Career Development

A four-year career preparation program that includes two years of intensive, personalized career coaching — plus internship and career opportunities with our corporate partners.

Top 100 Colleges Most Often

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The power of community


Harvard University, Class of 2023

The Thrive Scholars community is synonymous with support! I have made incredibly talented, kind, and supportive friends through Thrive. Even as life gets busy, all we want is for each other to succeed and overcome any obstacles. My Thrive community has encouraged and pushed me to be better!


MIT, Class of 2024

This program showed me how big the world is and revealed how kids like me actually have a role in changing it. I walked into Summer Academy not knowing my worth and walked out with the confidence I needed to succeed -- and a new family that supported me through all of it.


Columbia University, Class of 2024

The Thrive Scholars community has allowed me to meet people from all across the country who have an unmatched drive to succeed. Being a part of that community has allowed me to succeed at levels I didn’t think were possible before.

Eligibility Requirements

We seek high-achieving students with ambition. Not robots.

That’s why we don’t set absolute requirements for admission. And we review applications holistically, considering each individual’s unique circumstances.

Students accepted into our program typically meet the following criteria, however:

  • Cumulative high School GPA of 3.7 or higher (unweighted, out of 4.0)

  • Household income at or below $75,000

  • SAT or PSAT score of 1200+ / ACT or Pre-ACT score of 25+

  • Identify as one of the following:
    • A first-generation college student
    • A student of color

Be Inspired

Prepared to thrive, our alumni are changing the face of leadership across America.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to be a Thrive Scholar?

Yes, it is entirely free to apply to become a Thrive Scholar and free to participate in all aspects of our program. This includes our two mandatory summer academies where we pay for transportation, food, dorms- everything! We even give you a $500 stipend at the end of the summer for participating. Once enrolled, we also offer our Scholars yearly $1,000 bridge stipends to help meet costs not covered by financial aid. Learn more about everything we offer at an information session.

Frequently Asked Questions