Sponsor Thrive Scholars


Our Family Scholars Program offers a great way to provide scholarships – and so much more –
to high-achieving underrepresented students.

Your support means transformative opportunities for Black and Latino students, opportunities that prepare them to thrive at top 100 colleges like Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, and USC – and become the corporate, civic, and academic leaders our country needs.

The Power of Opportunity

Without the help of Family Scholars sponsors and other supporters, Thrive Scholars can’t prepare our Scholars to become tomorrow’s diverse leaders or build the kind of financial security their more privileged peers take for granted.



Thrive Scholars is so much more than just a college access/career development program. You meet people who immediately become friends for life, your counselors become like a second parent to you and you know you have an entire support system guiding you through your college journey.


We manage all the logistics of your Family Scholars program for you. And don’t worry. There’s no one way to do a good thing. Sponsor Scholars and get personally involved, or remain anonymous. It’s up to you.

  • Sponsor Scholars already in our program or those just starting on their journey.

  • Support students from your hometown or your alma mater.

  • Target your sponsorship to Scholars in a particular major like engineering or medicine.

  • Support Scholars with dreams of being doctors, lawyers, or other specific careers.


Family Scholar Program Donor

My wife and I provide one scholarship a year through Thrive Scholars to students going to my alma mater and the alma maters of our kids. We love that we are a part of helping deserving under-resourced students go to those schools, and that we are doing it through a program that finds and vets amazing students, and ensures they have the support and opportunities they need to thrive. The highlight is the one or two times a year we can take our Scholars out to dinner, get to know them, and see the impact of our philanthropy.

Launching Careers. Launching Leaders.

The Scholars you sponsor will be high-achieving students from economically disadvantaged communities on their way or already attending a Top 100 College. For 85% of Scholars, they will be the first in their family to go to college.

Choose any or all the ways you want to be involved


Have a particular student profile in mind? Take an active role in Scholar recruiting and vetting process.


Provide advice, connections, and encouragement for your Scholars during college.


Meet and get to know your Scholars at tailored events and receive regular updates on their progress.


Make us part of your family legacy by naming Scholar groups after you or your family (i.e. Smith Family Scholars).

Our Scholars Inspire Action

Your support helps prepare exceptional minds for extraordinary futures.

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