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The Origins Of Thrive Academy

Attentive students in classroomThrive Scholars has been around since 2002, and ten years in, 90% of our Scholars were graduating from top colleges around the country. But after speaking with many of them, they did not feel like they succeeded. They didn’t get the competitive internships they sought, weren’t getting into top graduate schools, and were graduating without the degrees needed for the jobs they wanted.

We dove into the data and learned why. These nearly straight-A high school students had an average GPA below 3.0 in college, and 80% were Student seated on campus groundsleaving their STEM majors. We soon realized that the under-resourced high schools they attended had not prepared them for the rigorous coursework they would encounter at top colleges—especially in math and writing—so they struggled academically in their first year.

Knowing our students did not have access to the same number of AP courses, out-of-school opportunities, social networks, or resources at home as their more privileged peers, we changed our program in 2012 to provide more support through a Summer Academy experience that would prepare top students to excel academically in top colleges.

The results say it all

Before Summer Academy

Average Scholar GPA
STEM persistence

After Summer Academy

Average Scholar GPA
STEM persistence
The shift in our program worked. Summer Academy students get better grades, are 33% more likely to persist in STEM, and 10% more likely to graduate than students of all demographic backgrounds at the top 100 colleges they attend.

Thrive Academies
Unlocking Potential Nationwide

Launching in Summer 2024 BMO Thrive Academy - Los Angeles
Thrive Academy - New York Sponsored by Citadel

Our model to uplift future diverse leaders now goes from reaching hundreds of students each year to thousands.  Seeing the results of Summer Academy, we are opening up the experience to talented and deserving students across the country by launching 10 regional Thrive Academies.

Special recognition to BMO for being our named sponsor of
BMO Thrive Academy – Los Angeles 
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And a special thank you and recognition to Citadel and Citadel Securities for their generous support of
Thrive Academy – New York Sponsored by Citadel



The Thrive Academies Experience

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  • ATTEND two, 6-week Summer sessions.

  • PARTICIPATE in 6 hours of calculus and writing daily.

  • LEARN from college professors on a college campus.

  • RECEIVE college advising support and guidance.

  • ENROLL in Thrive Scholars’ robust career development workshops.

  • ACCESS internship and job opportunities.

Summer Academy Participants Attend Top Colleges

The Power of Summer Academy


Vanderbilt University, Class of 2027

Summer Academy has opened my eyes both socially and academically. I have made amazing friends that have the same interests and ambitions as me. I have also been put through rigorous courses that have exposed me to new material and ways of thinking not offered in high school!


Yale University, Class of 2026

Summer Academy was transformative in many different ways. Not only did I get exposure to college-level courses, expert college access, and college living, but I also got to develop a tight-knit community. Knowing that, through our shared struggle of being first-generation, low-income students, I can strive towards and succeed at everything I have dreamed of and more.


Yale University, Class of 2027

Summer Academy has been one of the best experiences I've had. It's put me in a community of so many nice people that share the same ambition that I do, which is very different than my high school experience. Being exposed to the college experience has me more excited than ever to attend a university. The lifestyle of college students is something I greatly look forward to!


University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2027

Summer Academy not only made me feel more prepared going into my senior year courses but made me feel confident about my potential in getting into top institutions. From finding my college fit factors, interview preparation, and understanding our intersectional identities, I took away a deep understanding that colleges truly look beyond high GPAs and test scores.

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