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Every year, Thrive Scholars program participants go to top colleges for free. They excel in their majors and flourish on their college campuses. And they graduate with exceptional grades — ready to thrive in the careers of their choice. And, it’s worth repeating, our programs are FREE to those who qualify.

Our Programs

6-Year Program

A 6-year college and career support program for 11th-graders from anywhere in the U.S., including two summers before college onsite at Amherst College and the University of Chicago, and four years of support while you are in college.

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A 10-month pre-college program for 10th-grade Black/Generational African American males offering a summer program on a college campus and 1:1 coaching during 11th grade to help prepare you to go to and thrive in college.

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Thrive Academies

A 2-year college preparation program for 11th-graders featuring two six-week summer programs before college on a local college campus to help prepare you to get into and thrive in college. Currently, only available to students in Los Angeles or New York City.

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The power of community


Harvard University, Class of 2023

The Thrive Scholars community is synonymous with support! I have made incredibly talented, kind, and supportive friends through Thrive. Even as life gets busy, all we want is for each other to succeed and overcome any obstacles. My Thrive community has encouraged and pushed me to be better!


MIT, Class of 2024

This program showed me how big the world is and revealed how kids like me actually have a role in changing it. I walked into Summer Academy not knowing my worth and walked out with the confidence I needed to succeed -- and a new family that supported me through all of it.


Columbia University, Class of 2024

The Thrive Scholars community has allowed me to meet people from all across the country who have an unmatched drive to succeed. Being a part of that community has allowed me to succeed at levels I didn’t think were possible before.

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