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Our Scholars are exceptional. But their extraordinary futures are built on a foundation of preparation and support that only happens because of our donors.


Demanding More

Our supporters are optimists. Doers, who aren’t afraid to step up and be the change they want to see. But they are also demanding. They back winners. And expect results. That’s why they eagerly champion the greatness of our Scholars.

Your Financial Investment Delivers a Higher ROI

  • Private School $560K
  • Language Tutors $104K
  • Math Tutors $80K
  • Homework/Other Coaching $64K
  • Music/Art $168K
  • Sports $57K
  • Summer Camps/Classes $150K
  • Volunteer Experiences $24K
  • College Admission Prep $100K
Average Cost


Graduation Rate


  • Private School $168K
  • Academic Tutors $32K
  • Computers/Tech $5K
  • Music/Art $106K
  • Sports $18K
  • Summer Camps/Classes $82K
  • College Admissions Prep $16K
Average Cost


Graduation Rate


  • Summer Academy x2 $20K
  • College Admissions Support $5K
  • Financial Support $9K
  • 6 Years Academic/Emotional Support $5K
  • 3 Years Career Coaching $11K
Average Cost


Graduation Rate


Your Giving Impacts Lives

See how your support makes a difference for high-achieving students of color from under-resourced communities.

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