Introducing OnRamp

An Academic Support Program for Young, Black/Generational African American Males

OnRamp is a free pre-college program focused on ensuring young Black/Generational African American males (defined as descendants of enslaved people in the United States) have the opportunities and the preparation to excel. The program takes place between the spring term of the 10th and 11th grades. OnRamp prepares students for a seamless transition into our 6-Year Program.

For talented, diverse, underrepresented students eager to succeed in the top schools across the country, our core pillars of success across college advising, academic preparation, social-emotional support, financial support, and career development are key to why our model works.

Why Does OnRamp Exist?

We acknowledge the deep-rooted historical systemic barriers that Black/Generational African American males encounter, leading to their significant under-representation in colleges, corporate leadership, and advanced jobs.


College Degrees

  • 27% of Black males hold college degrees, compared to 44% of White males

Corporate Leadership Roles

  • >1% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Black males

Advanced Jobs

  • 2% of lawyers are Black males
  • 2% of financial executives are Black males
  • 3% of scientists and engineers are Black males
We aim to bridge the opportunity gap, counteract systemic racism, and empower Black/Generational African American students to meet their full potential.



We provide comprehensive support and leadership development for high-achieving Black/Generational African American male students. OnRamp empowers students to gain admission and thrive at leading universities while preparing for successful careers that offer economic mobility. Our OnRamp Scholars are given early access to our signature Summer Academy program, all while living on a college campus.

During the six weeks at Summer Academy,
OnRamp Scholars receive

  • 1-1 High School Success Coaching
  • College Application Tips
  • Self-Advocacy Strategies
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Supportive Social Networks
  • Access to Black Male Role Models

Parent and Student Testimonials


OnRamp Student

My OnRamp experience has been phenomenal. I've been making plenty of new friendships in the summer academy while connecting with my newfound brotherhood. Thrive has offered me new insights from all my fellow peers including more insight into the college experience and admissions process. The rigorous courses have served to broaden my academics in which I've improved my math and writing skills promptly. I'm glad to be here as it has allowed me to push myself harder than ever before and build habits that'll ensure success while having a support system all around. Overall, OnRamp has been a transformative experience where I've been able to develop my skill set while working on the various aspects of myself and my well-being that'll ensure my success in the future.


OnRamp Parent

This Summer Academy is by far the best experience my son has had. The amount of growth and maturity I am seeing in him is incredible. What I appreciate above all is that I have noticed his thinking is different and his goals are clearer. His drive and determination are at an all-time high. He has learned a lot and has been introduced to a whole new perspective on life, academics, etc. The college tour was one of his highlights and extremely motivating for him because he really felt his dream school was within reach. I strongly believe that the seeds Thrive planted in my son and his peers have set them on a much richer and broader path where indeed, the sky is the limit.


OnRamp Student

I’ve matured and established disciplines that will take me far. Waking up early to work out, getting food on time, showering on time, getting to my classes; all of these things are character building. I’ve also gained knowledge about colleges and the college process and I’ve started thinking about college more than I have ever thought of it before. The math and writing classes are great prep and practice to make my classes easier junior year. I also feel more open to learning in a college environment. The summer academy community is one of the most inclusive and fun communities I’ve been a part of. I’ve made close connections with people I met just weeks ago from all over the country. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be having this much fun with strangers at summer academy.


OnRamp Parent

My son's Father has a fourth-grade education and I have a GED. No one in his household can engage him as to what it is like to attend college. The experience of living on a college campus, sharing a dorm with a roommate, attending classes with Professors, traveling, and exploring different colleges will broaden his awareness as to what is possible. In addition, getting to meet and spend time with other teens like himself who are high achievers and ambitious is tremendous. The monthly mentorship will greatly enhance his life as he completes high school and starts college. This experience will impact his life forever.


OnRamp Student

My experience here this summer has impacted my personal growth and development for the best. One specific moment that transformed me was the college fair; I was opened up to many new colleges and saw new opportunities. I have also gained a lot of knowledge in both my writing and math classes that will help me not only with my future educational endeavors but also to help me on a day-to-day basis. Summer Academy is a place to gain an education and have fun at the same time, making it a very welcoming and accepting community.

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