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Every year, Thrive Scholars go to top colleges for free. They excel in their majors and on their college campuses. And they graduate with stellar grades —  ready to thrive in the careers of their choice.

Join an unstoppable community of extraordinary, diverse students poised for career success.

As a Thrive Scholar, you’ll receive six years of tailored support, from your junior year in high school to your early career. Our proven program targets the key inflection points that deliver the impressive results our Scholars want. And it’s FREE to those who qualify.

The numbers don’t lie – our Scholars thrive

Thrive Scholars Core Program

ALL Scholars participate in a six year program designed to ensure your success in college and beyond. Core program components:

Expert College AdvisingIntensive Pre-College Academic Prep
We help out Scholars find “best fit” selective colleges and showcase their qualifications for admittance. Summer Academy. Two summers of a six-week, residential academic boot camp. Over 350 hours of college-level instruction targeting math, writing, and critical thinking skills taught by college professors.
Social-Emotional SupportFinancial SupportCareer Development
Tailored one-on-one support throughout college through professional staff and volunteer mentors.We advise Scholars toward low-loan and no-loan colleges. In fact 85% of Scholars receive full financial aid.
Once enrolled, we offer yearly $1000 bridge stipends to help meet costs not covered by financial aid.
A four year career preparation program that includes two year of intensive, personalized career coaching and access to internship and full-time career opportunities
with Thrive Scholars corporate partners.

Thrive Scholars Law Track

As part of a ground-breaking program, Thrive Scholars is partnering with many of the country’s leading law firms to create a Thrive Scholars Law Track open to the most talented and motivated low-income high school juniors of color with an interest in the law.

In addition to Thrive Scholars core program components, Thrive Scholars and our law firm partners provide Law Track Scholars with a full range of support, tailored specifically for law. Running from junior year of high school through Law School, this comprehensive support gives Law Track Scholars the best chance of not just getting hired — but thriving and advancing as attorneys.

Additional tailored supports include mentorship, potential internships at law firms, legal career training, LSAT prep, Law School admissions guidance, support during law school, and getting hired at a law firm.

If you are interested in a career in law, consider applying to our Law Track when you apply to become a Thrive Scholar.

Thrive Scholars STEM Track

Thrive Scholars is launching a new STEM Track to support the most talented and motivated low-income high school juniors of color  with a demonstrated interest  to major in STEM.  Students in the STEM track receive our core program support which is tailored for STEM students. This will include: 

  • Pre-college courses and programming  at Summer Academy that will prepare you  for the academic rigors of STEM curriculum in college
  • Personalized admissions counseling to find the “right fit’ schools that support your area of academic interest
  • College success guidance and mentorship to ensure you thrive academically starting Day 1 on your college campus
  • STEM focused career development and 1-1 Coaching
  • Access to internship and full-time career opportunities with Thrive Scholars’ corporate partners

If you are interested in STEM, consider applying to our STEM track when you apply to become a Thrive Scholar.

Are you ready to thrive?