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DEI at Thrive

Our Commitment to
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a holistic one that considers the experiences of our Scholars and staff. We are dedicated to:

Continued Growth: Provide resources and educational opportunities for all staff. Encourage team leaders to promote inclusive behaviors, dialogue, and decision-making.

Fostering a Culture of Inclusion: Establish and nurture a culture where everyone feels heard, valued, and respected. Encourage employees to express their thoughts, suggestions and to share their recommendations.

Transparency: Diverse perspectives are welcomed. We strive for a participatory decision-making approach to yield the best outcomes in service to our Scholars.

Ongoing Learning: About DEI, systemic inequity that is ever-present in our world, and our individual and organizational positionality within it.

Our holistic approach to DEI informs our key priorities: Scholar Experience, Staff Culture, and Organization-Wide Representation. We honor these obligations in our day-to-day work as a staff and board endeavoring to implement short- and long-term strategic DEI goals; regular assessments of our Scholars’ experience; evaluation of staff climate and culture; and continued learning about DEI best practices and application of a DEI lens to all policies, processes, and practices including in relationship with our partners and supporters.

Scholar Experience

As we support Scholars in positioning themselves for economic mobility, we are committed to ensuring that they understand the systemic context, choice, tools, and their agency to navigate these barriers as they enter and engage in spaces where they are underrepresented. We strive to empower Scholars to value their cultural capital. As we step into our work, we are committed to asking ourselves how our decisions impact and support the Scholar journey. The way we interact with Scholars shapes how we connect with underserved communities, and it shapes how our communities help us understand the world from different perspectives.

Staff Culture

We work to foster an inclusive space and a sense of belonging for staff, honoring the varied identities present, and holding ourselves accountable through consistent norms related to communication, transparency, and feedback at all levels across the organization in employee resource groups, DEI Committee, and equitable leadership practices.

Organization-Wide Representation

We are committed to diverse representation across all levels of our organizational leadership. We seek to invest in diversity through recruitment of diverse staff and national/regional board members and equitable hiring, evaluation, and promotion practices. We take pride in our recruitment and retention efforts that are reflective of the Scholar communities we serve.

We Strive for a Culture of Belonging

At Thrive, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is more than just a tolerance of difference but an acceptance, collaboration, and engagement with varying perspectives. As Thrive works to diversify the corporate world through our programs, we aim to reflect that goal in our workplace.

Empowering Scholars Through Diverse Staff

Thrive Scholars is proud to foster a vibrant community with a 70% BIPOC staff.

This diverse environment allows us to authentically understand and uplift the unique experiences and perspectives of the students we serve, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of our organization. Our team’s diverse backgrounds empower us to create an inclusive space where every scholar can thrive academically and personally.

Perspectives on DEI at Thrive Scholars

What does diversity, equity and inclusion feel like to those who believe in its impact?  Hear from Thrive community members who promote it, teach it and practice it. 


Senior Development Coordinator

It's almost healing in a way, to work for an organization like Thrive. For example, you can share your passion for pan dulce with others that understand that share that same passion. Talk to colleagues that share a curiosity and desire to learn, to be immersed, and to ask questions. You don't get that at all organizations.


Wellseley University, Class of 2024

Thrive and Amherst Summer Academy was the first safe space for me as a queer person. I want to thank my Thrive peers who made up the impromptu LGBT 'meetings' with me and gave me a space to admit I was queer; something I'd never had the strength to say out loud before. But the confidence Thrive left me with was enough to carry me and keep me self assured in myself and my identity.


Olin College of Engineering, Class of 2024

The Thrive community is a network of dedicated individuals from all walks of life that actively strive towards academic, financial, and life success. I've been lucky enough to where the Thrive community has taken me in as a family member, where my peers are my extended family. I look to my Thrive family for constant guidance, support, and love.


Development Operations Manager

Working at Thrive has been a great opportunity to push myself to grow and learn more about our shared history and my place within that history. I value being part of a team that works to make a difference both in the broader culture as well as in the interactions we have every day. I am inspired by the changes I've seen in my time here and am grateful for our continued commitment to equity and inclusion in all that we do.

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