Expert College Advising


Opportunity Gap
Access to college admissions counselors who can support college planning and a pathway to top colleges.  Generally first-generation, few Scholars consider out-of-state colleges.

Gap Impact
Less than ½ of high-achieving, low-income students apply to even one top college

Thrive Scholars Solution
In-depth college advising program with selective college admissions experts, complete with one-on-one counseling and campus visits to target “best fit” elite colleges.

Our Impact
Over 90% of our Scholars go to Top 100 Colleges.
Over 80% of our Scholars go to Top 50 Colleges.
Over 40% of our Scholars go to Ivy League+ colleges.

“There are many programs claiming to do similar work, and what you need to know is that this one is unique. It is the only one I know of that looks beyond college graduation. The Summer Academy is the only program I know of around the country that immerses students in over 200 hours of calculus and writing instruction. And it has worked — over 70% of their students graduate with STEM degrees. I know of no other similar program with that data. Based on their success, their model, their willingness to let data guide the way, and their leadership, I can unequivocally say that they have the people and program to change the world.”
-Michael Quick, Former Provost, University of Southern California
“SCS Noonan reflects the best practices of a “next generation” CBO in its organizational structure and student service programs. SCS Noonan is more forward looking than many through its commitment to help students exceed college access and sustain a laser focus on successful college completion.”
-James Washington Jr., Director of Admission for Strategic Initiatives, Dartmouth College