Social-Emotional Support


Opportunity Gap
Access to a network of college graduates who can share knowledge about the college experience.

Gap Impact
Less than ½ of high-achieving, low-income high school students graduate from any 4-year college.

Thrive Scholars Solution
One-on-one mentoring, academic support as needed, and professional career counseling during college.

Our Impact
A full 98% of Thrive Scholars graduate — outperforming all student demographics academically along the way.

“If I don’t graduate and get the right degree I will have the passion but not the hard skills and tools I need to help me get where I want to get to. And Thrive Scholars has given me the support I need to make sure I know I can do it. They are another family – it helps to know that there are people, besides my immediate family, that are behind me who want me to do well.”
– Wilna, Tufts Class of 2018, MPH from Columbia 2020