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Our national Mentorship program connects Thrive Scholars with experienced and passionate volunteers who support their personal growth, help them develop strategies for college success, and expose them to important career opportunities.


23,000 low-income students of color in this country have the academic qualifications to get into a Top 100 college.

Our mentors show up with support, understanding, and insight. It’s one reason our Scholars thrive — at top colleges and in meaningful careers.

Our Mentorship Program

The Thrive Scholars mentorship program sparks amazing and unique relationships. It’s a two-way street where both mentor and Scholar are learning and growing together.

Mentorships can be largely or completely virtual
Mentorships are adaptable to each pair’s schedule
Mentorships often result in long-lasting Scholar-mentor relationships

Two Great Ways You Can Be a Mentor

Mentors work with Scholars through one of two tracks, both of which receive ongoing support from our staff:

Strive Mentorship

Are you excited about connecting with a student and supporting them in navigating the college experience? In our Strive Mentorship, mentors support Scholars in building strong foundations. Pairs commit to communicating monthly for a year, building a connection and tackling topics like time management, dealing with stress, finding a campus community, and the first-gen student experience.

Launch Mentorship

Do you enjoy sharing professional opportunities with people and helping them clarify their career interests? Through our Launch Mentorship, mentors guide Scholars in exploring future possibilities. Mentoring cycles are time-bound and goal-oriented, typically lasting 6 to 12 weeks and ranging in focus from an industry deep-dive to navigating your first intern experience and more.

The Ideal Mentor

Our mentors come from all over the country. They have different professions, career stages, and personal backgrounds. But they share these skills and perspectives:

  • Ability to establish a relationship based on respect, caring, and accountability

  • Strong listening skills, practical problem-solving skills, and the ability to suggest options and alternatives

  • Sensitivity to intersections of identity, including educational, economic, cultural and racial backgrounds, gender, and sexual orientation

  • Sincere desire to connect with another person to help them achieve personal, educational, and career goals

Mentor Inquiry Form

Completing our Mentor Inquiry Form is the first step towards mentoring a Thrive Scholar. Our inquiry form helps us learn more about you, your strengths, and experience in order to understand if and how they fit with our current volunteer needs.

Complete Mentorship Inquiry Form

Interested but want to know more?
Send us a message here or contact Kate Berezo, Senior Mentorship Manager, (310) 833-1670 ext. 121 |



Franklin W Olin College of Engineering, Class of 2024

After telling Thrive what I wanted in a mentor, they searched and found the person I had been waiting to be a driving force in my professional career. I wanted to be able to get advice from someone who is doing what I want to do and that looks like me. My mentor gave me clear advice and real-life implementations of how to professionally network and demonstrate the strongest side of myself. My mentor has been a guiding light for my early professional career and has become one of the closest connections in my new home of the Northeast. I hope to continue growing under their wing until I can someday be as great of support for someone else as they have been for me.

Zelda Harrison

Consultant at Zharrison Associates | Thrive Mentor

Mentorship is the ultimate gift to my Los Angeles community. I really enjoy its boomerang effect: I learn as much as my mentees about career and personal development, industry trends, and I actually feel that I receive as I give! I have been fortunate enough to be paired with ambitious, hard-working young black women eager to get out there and make their way. As a black woman and a seasoned business owner, I see myself in them: it feels like Back to the Future. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure my Thrive Scholars mentee an optimal college experience. I want to help them obtain enough information to choose their career path and excel in it, peace of mind to work through challenges and obstacles, openness to explore friendships and intimate relationships. I feel I have succeeded when they graduate with confidence that they will thrive wherever they land.

Jared Goldstein

Vice President & Assistant General Counsel at Zenith Insurance | Thrive Mentor

I connect with my mentees at least once a month, and it’s extremely rewarding to be able to offer meaningful advice (or just a nonjudgmental ear) to these young adults as they set out on their promising careers. Whether it’s sharing similar difficult experiences and emotions I had during college or putting them in touch with a professional in their desired field, this relationship makes me feel grateful knowing I’m being of service. Both my mentees truly inspire me, and I always have a smile on my face and feel a little better than I did before our calls. For anyone still on the fence, I could not encourage you more to take the leap and be a Thrive Mentor to one of these remarkable individuals.


University of Southern California, Santa Barbara, Class of 2023

This mentorship program is amazing, I am so glad I have a mentor that works in the entertainment industry -- I absolutely adore my mentor. The Launch Mentorship cycle we participated in together was probably the most helpful experience in learning more about the entertainment industry, which I am extremely interested in. I am so extremely grateful for this opportunity.


Producer at Abominable Pictures | Thrive Scholars Mentor

One of the highlights of my year was meeting my Thrive mentee. I am very grateful to Thrive for connecting me with such an intelligent, driven woman. My mentee’s wonderful personality, commitment to education, and perseverance have made this a fabulous experience for me. I have truly learned from her and the Zoom meetings that we do together. I'm so excited to see what path she eventually takes. I know she'll be successful in whatever part of business entertainment she decides to pursue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for becoming a mentor?

We welcome mentors with a diverse range of backgrounds with regard to their geography, industry, career stage, race/ethnicity, etc. However, all mentors must be able to satisfy the program participation requirements, and must demonstrate:

A sincere desire to support a student’s growth

Skills for relationship-building and coaching/advising

Sensitivity to intersections of identity, including educational, economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds

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