International Mentoring Day Featuring Thrive Scholars Board Member

January 17, 2021
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When Sheila first watched a group of Thrive Scholars in action, she saw glimpses of herself.

A Partner & Senior Client Advisor at wealth management firm Ballentine Partners, Sheila was compelled to become a #mentor for Scholars to help them create their own success stories. She also encouraged her coworkers to join her.

“Hearing directly from the students about their incredible stories was really impactful for me. I feel like I could see some echoes of my story – and those of many people I know – within the lives of these Scholars,” she says.

Ballentine has become an important partner organization for Thrive Scholars, as employees have offered their time and talents to help our Scholars prepare for college and the opportunities ahead of them. And that’s paid off inside Ballentine, too.

“There is a shared sense of purpose and a camaraderie among us Thrive mentors. The group of us mentors have informally gotten together to learn about each other’s mentees, and how we might create an even stronger network for them.”

Sheila’s mentorship efforts have made a difference for the Scholars she has helped over the years. Mentoring has made an impact on her, and it has brought her colleagues closer together, too.

What are you and your organization waiting for? If you want to help high-achieving, low-income students of color prepare for college and find meaningful careers, #InternationalMentoringDay is the perfect day to learn about the impact you can make through Thrive Scholars. thrive cube

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