LA Office Directions

Thrive Scholars
606 S. Olive Street Suite 2150

Los Angeles, CA 90014

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From the airport, it is about 30-40 minute drive to the LA Office via I-10 E, which is the fastest
route. If you take I-105 E and I-110 N, it is about 40 minute drive to our office.

Building Access
Enter the building and take the elevators to the right of the front desk – no check in required.
There may be a line for the elevators for guests going to the immigration courts – you do not
need to wait in this line; you may go straight to the next open elevator. Press the button for floor
21. Once you’re on the 21st floor, find Suite 2150 with the sign for “Thrive Scholars” and

Parking: Pershing Parking Garage
● Located at 532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
● Under Pershing Park across from the office
● Rates are $3 for every 15 minutes up to $20 for the full day