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Mentorship Moment: Rick & Kristina

January 6, 2021
Rick & Kristina for Newsroom

January is #mentoringmonth, and we are thrilled to highlight some amazing people who contribute to the growth of our Scholars. 

We start with Rick, who has been a mentor to 4 Scholars for almost 6 years! 

A favorite memory of Rick’s is his part in mentee Kristina’s journey from apprehensive high school graduate to completing her bachelor’s degree. 

Rick and Kristina first met at a Starbucks close to her home, where they spoke for nearly two hours while Kristna’s mom patiently waited for her in the car. Kristina had recently received an assignment that she felt she would not be able to complete and reached out to Rick for guidance. 

“I called my parents crying, afraid that I would be unable to complete such an elaborate task,” said Kristina. “I also felt too embarrassed to reach out to my professors, given their high expectations. Feeling helpless, I emailed Rick, and he drove up to meet with me. Rick provided me with a strategy to complete the assignment, and he stated that when I became an attorney, I would wish I could write more than 13 pages in a legal document.”

After this meeting, Rick assured Kristina he would always be a phone call away (24/7) when she went off to college. She graduated at the top of her class at UC Santa Barbara with academic distinction and dedicated her 60-page Honors Thesis to Rick.

“Rick’s impact helped transform my dreams and passion of becoming an attorney into a working reality.

I cannot thank Thrive Scholars enough for their endless support and matching me with my mentor, Uncle Rick.”

“I relish the relationship I have formed with my mentees,” says Rick. “In particular, I have enjoyed the opportunity to foster and grow relationships with them as they embark on their journey towards obtaining a college degree, becoming both friend, advisor, and trusted confidant.” 

Rick encourages others to become mentors because providing advice and counsel in steering Scholars towards their ultimate success is exciting! thrive cube

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