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Thrive Scholars helps innovative organizations create a pipeline of exceptional diverse talent, inspire deeper staff engagement, and make positive social change.

Through a collaborative process, we will develop outcome-driven partnerships that support your organization’s diversity and inclusion goals.

How We Make Your Business Stronger

Diverse Talent Pipeline

Nurture diverse talent who show up with the hard and soft skills needed to thrive and rise in your company. Pipeline organizations are everywhere. What makes us unique is that our Scholars graduate with great grades in rigorous majors from top colleges — plus two years of intensive career coaching.

Deeper Employee Engagement

Amplify employee engagement with turnkey volunteer opportunities like our Scholar Mentorship program. Develop employee leadership skills while cultivating a valuable future pipeline of diverse talent.

Positive Social Impact

Showcase company values by investing in an organization at the vanguard of positive social change. We offer multiple ways to shape your philanthropy so you can tailor your impact to meet your CSR needs.

Valuable Brand Building

Leverage your engagement for branding opportunities by positioning your company as a visionary leader in workforce diversity. Sponsor scholars each year to create meaningful brand connections with your customers and community.

Turnkey Approach

You don’t have to re-create the wheel. Thrive Scholars can support you in implementing its proven diversity recruiting, internship, and mentoring program. We will recruit the students, train and support your mentors, help you develop your internship program, and coach your new hires so they thrive in your company.

To Increase Diversity,
We Must Expand the Talent Pipeline

Companies fail in their diversity efforts because they focus on just one end of the talent pipeline. Early investment makes the difference.

Diverse Talent is There

Today, there are at least 25,000 students of color from low-income communities who have the academic qualifications to get into a Top 100 college. But a systemic lack of opportunity means too few are finding success at top colleges — and that means companies miss out on hiring talented future employees.


apply to even one top college


graduate from any 4-year college

Early Investment is the
Key to Success

By investing in these students before college and supporting them during college, our program ensures companies will have access to many more Black and Latinx graduates ready to excel in leadership roles.

Sponsor Diverse Talent

The foundation of partnering with Thrive Scholars is our Sponsorship program. It builds connections that drive success – for our Scholars and your business.

How Your Company Helps Diverse Scholars Thrive
Sponsor a cohort of Scholars each year providing these “Company Name” Thrive Scholars with your guidance and expertise
Pair each of your Scholars with an executive to act as a mentor
Support high school juniors we recruit from the cities where your home office or key markets are located
Hire Scholars for internship and full-time job opportunities
Support Scholars already in our program who, as rising first year college students, are studying fields that matter to your company’s success
Tap into our diverse network of nearly 2000 alumni to fill mid-and senior-level positions

Corporate Sponsor Testimonials

Mary T. Barra

Chairman and CEO, General Motors

Our Corporate Giving team reviews hundreds of STEM-related organizations each year, and Thrive Scholars stands out because it is very data-driven, with measurable results and a strategic plan to expand. We are so impressed by their proven track record of 20 years of changing the trajectory of almost 2000 young lives in a meaningful and positive way. I’m glad that GM and Thrive Scholars will be partnering together, and I look forward to seeing our progress and impact as our partnership expands.

Melissa Hayden

Campus Recruiter, Wellington Management

Our early career recruiting team at Wellington Management has had a successful track record of hiring scholars from Thrive Scholars for our internship and full-time roles since 2018. The training and mentoring that Thrive provides its scholars is a significant reason why—we’ve found Thrive students to be eager to learn and ready to engage in all aspects of the business and culture of our firm. We look forward to continuing our partnership as Thrive grows nationally!

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