Our Model

Extraordinary futures start here

At Thrive Scholars, our goal is to see talented low-income students of color develop the inter-generational wealth and financial security their more privileged peers take for granted, and become the diverse corporate, civic, and academic leaders our country so desperately needs.

We have been doing this for 20 years, and our comprehensive, data-driven, high-touch model works. It focuses on the key inflection points that can be the difference between just graduating from any college, and graduating from a top college with the grades, degree, career skills, and network needed to Thrive in any career.


By providing missing opportunities at key inflection points, we’re changing outcomes for low-income students of color. We offer six years of total support from high school to early career.

Expert College Advising

To make up for the lack of access to quality (or any) selective college admissions guidance, we provide expert college advising and help our Scholars find “best fit” selective colleges and showcase their qualifications for admittance.

Intensive Pre-College Academic Prep

Underrepresented students often lack access to rigorous high school coursework, preparation, support, or the out-of-school academic opportunities more privileged students enjoy — often resulting in poor college grades and low STEM persistence rates. Our Summer Academy provides two summers of a six-week,residential academic boot camp, consisting of over 350 hours of college-level instruction targeting math, writing, and critical thinking skills taught by college professors, aimed to ensure our students show up to college with the academic skills they need to thrive.

Social-Emotional Support

Underrepresented students often lack access to a network of college graduates who can share knowledge about the college experience. We provide one-on-one tailored social, emotional, and academic support throughout college through professional staff and peer and volunteer mentors.

Financial Support

Underrepresented students often cannot afford college or the day-to-day expenses during the year. We advise Scholars toward low-loan and no-loan colleges. Once enrolled, we offer bridge stipends to help them meet costs not covered by financial aid.

Career Development

Underrepresented students often have Limited knowledge of post college career paths, exposure to corporate culture, or the professional network that opens doors. Our four year career development curriculum includes two years of intensive, personalized career coaching focusing on hard and soft skills, access to our professional network, and corporate partnerships for internships and jobs.

What Scholars Say About Our Program

“Coming from the first-generation, low-income background that Thrive Scholars seeks to aid, I honestly can not imagine having gone through the college application process without this program. If you were to ask me at the beginning of junior year where I would be going for college I surely wouldn’t have even thought of Yale University. Yet, with Thrive’s irreplaceable help I will be studying at this institution without the fear of finances and doubt disrupting my educational and social experience.”
—Carmen, Yale University, Class of 2024

“I realized that I was not alone: not alone in my experiences, not alone in my struggles, not alone in once-hazy vision of going to college, and not alone in hoping to make a difference.”
—David, Tufts University, Class of 2024

What Partners Say About Our Program

“I see Thrive Scholars as the model for the modern college access program. No longer is it effective to simply provide scholarship money to bright, low-income students and ask them to navigate alone the transition to college and the academic challenges they face due to inadequate instruction in chronically under-funded schools. We must also address the academic and social capital gaps these students hold through no fault of their own. Thrive Scholars has the solution– intense classroom instruction and college advising two summers prior to college, as well as a college transition program the summer prior to enrollment and early career advice and mentoring.”
—Joy St. John, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, Wellesley

Thrive Scholars reflects the best practices of a “next generation” organization in its organizational structure and student service programs. Thrive Scholars is more forward looking than many through its commitment to help students exceed college access and sustain a laser focus on successful college completion.”
James Washington Jr., Director of Admission for Strategic Initiatives, Dartmouth College