6-Year Program

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Making a Difference for Talented Students of Color

Refined over 20 years, our comprehensive, data-informed model works. Our Scholars go to better colleges. Earn better grades. And enjoy better careers. Those aren’t just brags. They’re proven outcomes of our 6-Year Program.

Five Core Pillars Drive Our Success

We understand the opportunity gaps – and their impact. That’s why our 6-Year Program targets the five key inflection points that prevent high-achieving students of color from under-resourced communities from getting into top colleges and graduating ready for top careers.

What Scholars Say About Our Program


Yale University, Class of 2024

Coming from the first-generation, low-income background that Thrive Scholars seeks to aid, I honestly cannot imagine having gone through the college application process without this program. If you were to ask me at the beginning of junior year where I would be going for college I surely wouldn’t have even thought of Yale University. Yet, with Thrive’s irreplaceable help I will be studying at this institution without the fear of finances and doubt disrupting my educational and social experience.


Tufts University, Class of 2024

I realized that I was not alone: not alone in my experiences, not alone in my struggles, not alone in once-hazy vision of going to college, and not alone in hoping to make a difference.