20 Years
of Impact

Made For This Moment

Twenty years ago, Thrive co-founders Jim and Trisha London approached Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles asking what they could do to help high-achieving Black students at the under-resourced public school secure a path to college.

From those beginnings, Thrive Scholars has become a life-changing experience for thousands of talented and ambitious students of color and their families across the country. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary year, we thank Thrive Scholars staff, mentors, partners, volunteers and board members for their unwavering commitment in supporting Scholars from high school to their early career after college graduation. We especially thank our Scholars and Alumni for allowing us to be part of their remarkable journeys along the way. 

Seeing 98% of Scholars graduate from college – many from the nation’s top colleges and universities – and enter jobs that lead to economic mobility, makes our 20-year milestone especially meaningful.

Where Are They Now?

In the 20 years we have supported Scholars, they have become engineers, attorneys, investment bankers, doctors, consultants, professors, and graduate students at some of our nation’s most prestigious institutions.

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Impact on Families

Of the Scholars in our program, 87% are the first in their family to go to college. It’s more than hearing about how proud parents are of their children who thrive as a result of our program. We see how Scholars can influence the trajectories of their families and set an example for the next generation.


Parent of Scholar Godwin

Thrive brought out the best in him...from the scholarship, the internship, traveling, meeting with people, with mentors, getting a job, just so many opportunities.


Parent of Scholar Jessica

I came with a dream as a mother and that dream, it didn’t come true with me, but the dream came true to my daughter.


Parent of Scholar Blake

I was the happiest dad in the world to know that the trajectory in which my family is on will be changed for the next 100 years because he changed the narrative in our family.

Our Next Chapter: Scaling Thrive Scholars 

Thrive Scholars has adopted a five-year strategic plan to scale our impact from the 300 new Scholars we serve each year to the tens of thousands of high-achieving students of color across the country from financially under-resourced communities that could benefit from our program.

Our plan is to scale Thrive Summer Academies by opening 10 regional Thrive Academies across the country in the next five years, serving at least 5,000 of our country’s most ambitious and motivated students of color. Then open our Career Pathways program to these same students to ensure they are exposed to high trajectory careers and develop the network and skills they need to thrive in them. We will partner with other colleges and organizations to provide the additional support our Scholars need, scaling our impact at a fraction of the cost compared to our traditional program.

Our strategic plan is a testament to our goals, vision and hope. We invite you to join us as we embark on the next chapter of Thrive Scholars.