Mission & History

Our Mission

The mission of Thrive Scholars is to help high-achieving, low-income underrepresented students get into and graduate from top colleges equipped to achieve their full career potential.

Why Thrive Scholars?

SCS Noonan Scholars is now Thrive Scholars.

Thrive Scholars is rooted in our clear conviction that where talented students of color are concerned, our society needs a new goal, a new way forward.

As we embark on the next stage in our journey — expanding to new cities and growing the number of students we serve by more than 300% — we need a name that speaks to the future and exemplifies the core of our work. We are pleased to embrace our new name: Thrive Scholars. It captures the aspirations our Scholars have for themselves, and those we have for them.

For our Scholars to reach their ambitious goals, College Graduation is a start, but it’s simply too low a bar. Grades matter. Majors matter. Career skills matter. And connections matter. Our Scholars must thrive in college, not just graduate, if they are to thrive in their career. And they need to thrive in their career if they are to become the leaders our society desperately needs or develop the wealth and financial security their more privileged peers take for granted.

The word thrive suggests a future. When someone or something is thriving, we know that means that growth is ahead. There’s more to come with a Thrive Scholar, and there’s more to come for us. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Our History

Thrive Scholars began as a scholarship program focused on high-achieving low-income Black and African American students in South Central Los Angeles. Established in 2001 under the name South Central Scholars (SCS) by philanthropists James and Patricia London, we quickly realized the need for a multi-stage, integrated program of support.

SCS soon began supporting a broader group of Scholars throughout college with scholarships, academic intervention, academic and social-emotional support, and career guidance and networking. Within a few years, SCS was yielding impressive results: 90% of Scholars who were attending Harvard, Brown, Williams, USC, and other very selective schools were graduating within 6 years.

Our focus and methods have always been data-driven. Our Scholars were graduating at rates far beyond the national average. But when we looked closer, we found a large percentage of our Scholars were transitioning out of their intended majors and were unable to find jobs that matched their passions after graduation. After reviewing college transcripts, it became clear that, despite having excelled in high school, many of our Scholars were entering college without the college-level writing, math, and science skills needed to persist in their chosen majors.

To reverse this trend, we launched our pilot session of Summer Academy in 2012 to provide an intense academic boot camp for high school juniors and seniors to participate. After these new programmatic innovations, our results were overwhelming: More than 90% of our Scholars were attending top colleges, compared to less than 50% of their peers, and over 65% of Scholars pursuing STEM majors were able to persist and graduate in their major, compared to 20% of similar students.

In 2014, we decided to replicate the program in Boston, under the name Noonan Scholars, as a pilot for further expansion. After three years of successful outcomes in Boston, we went national, under the SCS Noonan Scholars flag. We expanded our program to other cities across the nation, introduced an East Coast Summer Academy, and substantially increased the number of Scholars we admit into our program annually.

In 2020, we became Thrive Scholars, reflecting our commitment and dedication to helping our Scholars thrive in college and their chosen careers.